Do you want to develop something new while also reflecting on existing processes within your organisation?

We understand coaching as a solution-oriented, methodical approach that is based on an eye-to-eye level. We work together on your topics! Of course also in remote coaching sessions!

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Leadership Coaching

Situative, constructive and viable leadership is necessary for employees to develop further and embrace their skills. This allows teams to become high-performing and work in line with the company's overall direction. That’s why we focus our leadership coaching on your own leadership approach, your self-awareness, they way you work and structure your work, with your challenges and opportunities. In this way we can develop the next steps together, find feasible approaches and new ways of dealing with your leadership role. We strive to increase your self-awareness, your independence as a leader and your ability to choose the right action needed in any given situation.

Target audience: Founders, Directors, Managers, Team Leads.

Transition Coaching

Change, new challenges and difficult transitions are the most common reasons to seek coaching. That’s why we’ve decided to focus specifically on these needs with our transition coaching. The goal is to discover your individual approaches: how you deal with change, develop new strategies and your own awareness of your professional needs, fears and possibilities. We want you to become a proactive driver of your own transition, to know your options and patterns of behaviour.

Target audience: Leaders, managers and employees in transition and phases of change.

Team Coaching

Working in teams can be challenging, which is why communication, awareness and collaboration are key to successful teamwork. We will focus on your daily rituals, communication, structures and processes, the ‘elephants in the room’ and underlying potential. The goal for the coaching of teams is to achieve more role clarity, better collaboration and a strengthened team dynamic. It’s also great way to learn more about how to address potential issues, wishes and needs in a constructive way.

Target audience: Teams in change, teams with undiscovered potential, teams with unresolved conflicts, teams that want to focus on capturing that last two percent of their team efficiency.

How we do Coaching

Our coaching approach is resource-oriented to come up with new viewpoints, new insights and new ideas for your individual situation. We want to enhance your scope of action so you can develop ideas and plans that make your life better and your job more successful. We arrange the context in which you can excel in your goals to face your challenges and overcome your boundaries. In facilitated reflection-loops we provide you with the tools and formats so you can focus what’s relevant for you to achieve your goals. We help you to open new doors, decide what you really want and enable you to do this in your own way.

book Coaching

All coaching sessions are also offered as a co-coaching session with two experienced ModernWork experts.

Coaching can be held on-site within your company, or in remote sessions.

Coaching can also be done at an alternative location if needed.

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