Facilitated Events

MOWOMIND can facilitate interesting and innovative events as well as help you with the conceptualising part! As certified facilitators we take care of the structure, the process and the success of your event!

Our facilitated events

BarCamp - Participants discuss and share their topics in an ‘unconference’

A Barcamp is a conference with a structure but without an agenda. Participants can decide themself which topics they pitch and which topics they choose. The idea behind this is that participants know best what they want from the event so they get to decide for themselves. The Barcamp only works with the active participation of the participants.

Ask me Anything - Important questions are voted, addressed and answered

What are the most important questions you want to ask your founder/manager? How can we be sure that the important questions get answered? The ‘Ask me Anything’ format is the perfect way of dealing with this situation! It enables you to address questions, get them ranked by everyone and let them be answered in a facilitated (company-wide) meeting. This format is a good fit for times of change, of rumours, of unclarity and pressure. It fosters trust and transparency, open discussions and insights.

Vision Day - Aligning together for the future

Where do we want to go? What is the most exciting thing that could happen? What do we want to achieve in the next 2 years? In a vision day you plan for the future through a facilitated process. You can focus primarily on your content and goals while we structure everything around it to make your meeting more effective. Often you create a Mission Statement after a vision day, which makes sense because you also want to find out how you will achieve the goals you are striving for. You can find more information about the Vision Day and the Mission Statement here

Bootstrapping - Getting everything you need for a successful start with the team

In Bootstrapping everything is about the fundamentals. How do you want to work with each other? Which formats, process and structures will help you? How do you improve and develop? How do you deal with conflicts and tricky situations? The aim is to make the team ready for work as fast as possible. This means role definitions, the vision and mission statement, awareness and insights, delegation level and decision-making processes, commitment and how to celebrate success. The whole team, including the responsibility lead, should attend. Make your new team move forward! You can also do a ‘re-Bootstrapping’, if you have the impression the team needs a new alignment and setup.

World Cafe - Ideation and discussion over coffee

Do you like having good conversations over a cup of coffee or tea? With this format, participants sit in small groups in a cafe atmosphere. The facilitator supports the group in the development of new thoughts through input. Normally there are some well-defined basic questions which give the discussion structure. How you discuss is completely up to your particular group and, in the end, the small groups share their ideas. Participants often write down their calls for action and describe why they would take certain actions.

Open Space - Finding new ways with a large group and taking responsibility

The Open Space format is a unique form of meetings for big groups. Based on the theory that discussions during break-times are often more fruitful than the meeting itself, the idea of the format ‘Open Space’ was born. Through facilitation writing down important thoughts you can collect ideas on which to elaborate further at a later stage. The goal is to foster commitment to turn the results and ideas from the discussions into further action after the session. The facilitator moderates the process, explains basic rules and procedures and supports the dynamic of big groups so that the process stays solution-oriented.

Appreciative Inquiry - Exploring potential in your company

The Appreciative Inquiry format is used as an appreciative interview with the goal of developing the company or team further. It has a positive and value-driven approach. It is based on strengths, focuses on potential changes and solutions for the company and how to make ideas actionable. Participants take the journey to discover opportunities, build dreams and visions to then find ways to make these new ideas a reality. The structure of the approach is: discover, dream, design, deliver.

Future Workshop - Critical discussion bringing new solutions for the future

In the so-called ‘Zukunftswerkstatt’, or ‘future workshop’, participants are guided to develop new ideas from a radical perspective. The goal is to come up with new ideas from more extreme discussions where everything important is on the table, from a critique of utopia to implementation of the slogan of the session. The overall process is formed by a specific funnel-principle for opening up discussions, narrowing them down based on importance and eventually coming to decisions. We, as facilitators, guide through the process and help you come up with game changing ideas for your company's future.

Socratic Dialog - Diving into a purposeful dialog to generate new ways of thinking

Socratic questioning, based on the work of the Greek philosopher, Socrates, aims to deepen the understanding of each others’ viewpoints as well as forming new approaches based on shared insights. The idea is to reframe your own viewpoints in order to evolve new ways of thinking and understanding. This can mean that you define a term in a modern way, or otherwise, depending on how participants understand individual connotations of definitions. This format is facilitated in order to help groups dive deeper into their discussion and stop just where it gets interesting and meaningful.

Future Conference - Finding new options and perspectives for the future

In the so-called ‘future conference’ the goal is develop and discuss new perspectives. Participants get emotionally involved in the process by being part of the change. This brings a greater sense of responsibility and a more hands-on approach. The process of a future conference starts with a review of the past, the status quo and building ideal options for the future in order to then break it down into actionable solutions while finding a common ground for the transition.

Walt Disney Method - Going into creation processes like the famous Walt Disney

Based on Walt Disney’s way of working, this method is a perfect fit for creating new solutions. It splits up the general creation process into three, sometimes four segments. First, there is the ‘dreamer phase’, where all good and crazy ideas are shared. The ‘Critic phase’, allows the criticism of everything to raise awareness about pitfalls and difficulties. The ‘Realist phase’, helps develop challenging and doable actions. This method can be done with small and large groups, and what is important is the separation of phases to fully dive into the different perspectives. The facilitator guides participants through the process and takes care of methods, the structure and the focus of the session.

Target groups

The listed formats/ events are for companies, institutes, organizations, but also for departments and teams. Group sizes can vary from 10 up to more than 500 people. Of course we develop a suitable format with you that fits your specific needs and requirements!

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