New Work & innovation Consulting

Innovation & New Work in a nutshell - we are pleased to consult you and your company and embrace your potential into new actions

Is your Company already working in innovative and modern ways but there is still room for improvement?

Do you want to take the next step with New Work but you need inspiration and more of an incentive?

Do you want to shape your company in a modern way and need our expertise and insights?

our focus is to enable purpose-driven work


Shape modern leadership, challenge the status quo, develop the leadership-role model, develop role clarity, explore the values your organisation will embody, include further development.

New Work

Enable New Work in your company, challenge the status quo, create the right conditions for ModernWork, acceptance criteria and benefits, formats, structures and processes.


Empower organizational development, challenge the status quo, find bottlenecks, increase effectiveness, increase efficiency.


Develop new approaches, challenge the status quo, present options, learn existing processes if needed, create common ground for a better workflow.


Include modern formats, challenge the status quo, integrate and develop company and team formats even further, foster innovation and improvement.


Provide new approaches for innovative work, challenge the status quo, explore the essence of innovation, preconditions and boundaries, experience the ‘reality check.’


Test the change-ability of your organisation, challenge the status quo, experience different communication processes, the inclusion of multiplicators, the use of models, culture check and integration.

Company Culture

Filter content, challenge the status quo, include employees, mood-check, develop awareness within your organisation, explore benefits and pitfalls, lifestyle perks vs. traditional boni.

Employee lifetime circle

From talent attraction and onboarding to outboarding and alumni networking, challenge the status quo, see the bigger picture, develop career opportunities besides those of the traditional hierarchical format, discover new potential and become more aware of employee satisfaction.

Have we piqued your interest?

We consult in ModernWork topics and love helping you find new ideas, approaches and challenges for successful solutions for your startup and company. We consult on the ground level - everyone brings in their professional skills, knowledge and experience. Sometimes we will ask the questions that hurt to find solutions that go further. Sometimes you need this outside viewpoint to discover blind spots, biases and hidden innovative potential. We bring our expertise from modern work environments as well as traditional contexts, combining these to build successful companies with ModernWork approaches!

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Remote work Consulting

We support you with your challenges when it comes to remote work and how to embrace it!

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