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We go to Africa from December 2019 till March 2020

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We  supported for one year purpose driven work and New Work worldwide in 2018/19. Here you find all information about that.

We are happy to inspire, help implementing or developing New Work in your company.

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Startups and innovative companies with need for development and improvement.

Companies and corporations that are aiming to become more modern and innovative.

Universities and Institutes that are interested in ModernWork topics.


Knowledge brings practical solutions. Benefit from our impulses. Boost your development. Discover opportunities and go your next steps.


Experience development. Resolve your blockades. Unfold idle potential. Increase awareness and reflection. Keep balance and set your goals.


Learn something new. Develop your soft-skill expertise. Improve as a company. Grow together as a team. Master your challenges.


Get new impulses. Invite us for ModernWork knowledge sharing. Get insights in our experiences. Connecting the dots with our knowledge.

Here you find ideas how we can support you

We can meet, exchange experience, and no doubt you can recommend us to other interesting startups and companies.

Please write us what would benefit you the most and how we can support you!

You need softskill training

Your company has new leads. They are quite good in their profession but lack some communication knowledge. With our training for leads we help you take the next step in leadership development. We stay for three training days and support you on the spot!

You need ModernWork knowledge

Your company needs to change due to digitalization and new requirements regarding structures and formats. You need consulting and impulses how to improve and chance in short time. We provide our experiences and help you come up with solutions and new ideas!

You are seeking for personal coaching

A few of your specialists are now leads. You and the leads decided together, that they need support in order to reflect their leadership style and develop. Your leads are seeking for international coaches with experience and we are just a message away from helping you!

You want impulses

You and your company want to work more modern, more agile but you don’t know how. You are looking for impulses from experienced ModernWork experts. Excited by our #modernworktour you ask us for a talk to inspire you and to share insights with your company!

Wir freuen uns, gemeinsam voneinander lernen und mit euch in einen konstruktiven Austausch gehen zu können. So kann ModernWork lebendig miteinander gestaltet werden. Schau bei unseren Angeboten vorbei oder kontaktiere uns direkt!

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