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With our remote coaching we support you in your process to develop, improve and reflect on your challenges, goals and next steps. Our remote coaching is the perfect option for you and your company to get professional and experienced support.

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Remote Coaching Options

The classic

Flexible and easy: Coaching booked by hour.

the Routinier

Fix dates, fix days:
Coaching suitable for your busy schedule

The Flat

Our all-round carefree package
One price and as much coaching as you need

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Your benefits with remote coaching

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What our clients say about our remote coaching sessions

'For my big project is the classic perfect. I can get coaching, whenever I need it. Often it is one session per month, sometimes less, sometimes more. Always the way I need it. Great freedom and easy to plan.'

Hans-Peter, Consultant DHA & Lecturer

'I have fix dates for my coaching session, this makes it easier for me to take time for it. Always the same day, the same time. The routine option works perfect for me. I work on my challenges without time for planning'

Dennis, Manager & Tax consultant

''Going into a challenging new project I needed intense support for 2 months. With the flat I had sessions to work on my topics as much as needed. Scheduled ahead and spontaneous as well. Perfect for me!'

Eva, Head of People

FAQ - most important questions for our Remote Coaching

What is the difference between coaching and remote coaching?

Coaching is normally always a face-to-face format, which happens usually either at your company or in a coaching room booked by us. Remote coaching doesn't need us together in one room, you can be wherever you are. Only important fact to consider: You need a good internet connection!

Which option works best for me?

For this question you need do ask yourself - what kind of support do I need for my development? Our options are designed in a special way so that you can find your best fit: 'The Classic' option is there if you need coaching once in a while or for a few weeks. 'The Routinier' option is for people which busy schedules and the urge to find more structure in life. 'The Flat' is the all inclusive option, where you are guaranteed to get as much coaching as needed. If you are unsure which option works best for you contact us and we will figure that out together!

HOw do I know that you are the right coaches for me?

A good and important question. In our initial session we get to know each other a bit. You share some insights about your wish for the coaching, we explain a bit deeper how we work and what we think you can expect. After that you have at least a way better understanding. If it should happen, that you have the feeling the collaboration doesn't work you can either try another one of our coaches or we stop the coaching process.

How fast can i start with the coaching process?

The quick answer: fast! It depends of course on the situation but our goal is to start within the next days if needed! For really urgent matters we try to jump right into it till the next days. Our pro tip: Write us, if you have an urgent situation directly in the e-mail, then we know about it!

Can you give me the solution for my problem in the coaching session?

WE have to make this one clear: NO! We will help you with all our energy to find new approaches and solutions. We are the experts for the process, the questions and methods. You are the expert for yourself. We enable you to find ideas and solutions. Coaching is not consulting, it is a professional way of facilitation and embracing the potential of the client.

Is Remote Coaching COnfidential?

YES! Coach and Coachee will sign a contract in the beginning where this is one of the important topics. This is for us something we take really really seriously. We have the 'las Vegas Rule' - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Do I need a Laptop or Computer?

No! Nowadays the phones have quite good cameras. But often people still like to do the sessions on a computer anyway. Your choice! We will decide together, with app works best for you, like Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Facetime or other. Only important thing is a headset, so we have better audio and a camera. Then we can start working together!

How Much does Remote Coaching cost me?

Depending on which option you choose for companies you pay 250 Euro, for privat people 150 Euro per hour. This counts for the options 'The Classic' and 'The Routinier'. For the option 'The Flat' you pay as a company 3300 Euro per person and as a private person 2200 Euro. The limit of hours (similar to other flats) is 20 hours. Of course we can also find individual solutions here if this works better. For example if this option is interesting for the whole Leadership team. All prices are net prices.

How do I pay the remote Coaching?

As easy as possible. Normally you can pay at the end of the months or at the end of the whole coaching, depending on how you want it. For bigger projects we will find a good individual solution.

What else should I know about Remote Coaching?

You made it - you read all FAQ's till the end. This should be rewarded. With the code #remotecoaching2020 you will get a single discount of 10% for your first five hours coaching ('The Classic' and 'the Routinier') as well as on the first 'The Flat' option. Just write us the code when you contact us the first time!

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