Active Remote Work Support

We facilitate your company with our remote initiatives for direct support and better work collaboration. With our options you can embrace your potential and enable your teams and managers to work and improve better together in remote settings.

Online Training
Remote Work Basics

Workplace setup, time managament, self-leadership, tools and communication within the team.

Online Training
Remote Work Team

Routines, time management, feedback and reflection loops, task and role clarification for successful team-work.

Online Training
Remote Work Leadership

Remote leadership, Employee enabling, delegation and facilitation, successful team enabling and development.

Online Training
Remote Work Retro Facilitation

In this training we enable your employees to facilitate online remote retrospectives by themselves. We train your employees so that your company can have your own in-house retro facilitators.

Online Facilitation
Remote Work Retrospektives

We facilitate your remote retrospectives. With our experience in facilitating international teams we bring your retro meetings to the next level and help your teams improve on a regular basis.

Online Consulting
Implement New Work online

We help you implement new work essentials for remote and online work. We help you set up your own formats and learnings paths while embracing all the knowledge from within the company.

"Remote work needs focus, transparency, trust and shared rules"

Remote Coaching

We facilitate you through our remote coaching sessions. Your benefits? Flexibility, individual time slots, professional international senior coaches.

Work on your goals, reflect, embrace new challenges and improve step by step.

Remote Coaching Flyer

Do you want proactive Support in your remote work setting?

Write us and we will define together, which initiatives could be worked on and be improved. Let's move the needle - together!

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