Vision - Mission Statement

Together we will develop your vision and mission statement. Wie help you compile your core competencies and develop a future oriented direction for your company.


Developing a vision and a mission statement is fundamentally important in New Work contexts. In fast changing and innovative segments especially it is necessary to know one’s own direction. Having a vision and mission statement means you don’t fall into chaos in times of change, but rather you excel beyond your limitations with clear guidance.

Target groups

MOWOMIND can facilitate the development of your vision and mission statement.
This offer can be booked for different levels and is aimed at various target groups:

Startups, Companies, Departments Pillars, Teams & Key roles within the company


A vision is an aspirational description of your ‘true north’, your vivid future. It gives you orientation in times of trouble and change.
A company vision should be as clear as possible for it to be helpful for all employees. The most famous vision is from NASA in the 1960s: “Put a man on the moon”. Simple, easy to understand and powerful!

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement describes the company’s reason for being, and normally includes the three components: ‘why’, ‘who’, and ‘what’. Probably the most known example comes from Google: ‘To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. A Mission Statement needs to be immediately understandable. All Mission Statements support companies, departments, teams and people to come up with the best decisions and solutions possible while creating roadmaps, prioritisations, and next steps.

let's go!

In a personal discussion we can find out which objective you need and on which level. In our experience, the process of developing a vision and Mission Statement takes more than just a few hours. Even so, the benefits of having both are obvious and will help to successfully steer you through all future endeavours!

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NExt steps?

Do you already have a Vision and/ or Mission Statement? Let’s re-adjust it together to see if there still is a missing piece of the puzzle.

Challenge accepted?

Do you accept the challenge? You can book us to challenge your existing Vision and Mission Statement, to find what’s missing or simply re-evaluate.