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Saatkorn is the leading German HR blog and Gero Hesse is a wonderful thought leader! Together we look at what HR can learn from inspiring examples around the world.

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Our Purpose partner ThankU reinforces not only appreciation in togetherness, but also environmental protection through "saying thank you." Every "thank you" protects nature, so that's how we say thank you on our tour too!

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Our Purpose partner Mission to Marsh wants to do everything in its power to protect and restore wetlands on our planet. We meet Anni and Alex along the way on our Modern Work Tour.

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SchoolCraft is THE place to go for teachers when it comes to digital teaching materials. The social business is a wonderful client of ours and is committed to open-minded children.

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managerSeminare continues to be the go-to resource when it comes to insights on modern ways of working for German business. We are thrilled to provide exciting insights every month.

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Hamburg@work is a partner for our hometown Hamburg. The wonderful team has been working with us for years. This is how we bring modern work together from around the world to Hamburg!

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Visual insights

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Want to  get the best learnings for your organization?
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Join us on one of the most exciting expeditions ever made through the adventure of modern ways of working and the future of work.

Explore new trends, get hands-on impulses und a head start when it comes to how you want to work!

Media Partnering

"Join us in a media partnership. We'll write, film, or podcast for you! This way, you'll deliver the latest trends in the entire modern work world and can offer your customers an exciting special. We already have experience writing articles and columns for respected magazines and newspapers and are looking forward to a new commitment revolving around New Work and the future of work."

Modern Work Pioneer

"Join us in creating a borderless working world and support us on the Modern Work Tour. Provide us with the ideal equipment or sponsor events and stages. It's a great way to foster global connections in modern work. In return, you'll receive exclusive insights from our tour to enhance your company's development."

Modern Work Connector

"Connect us with cool thought leaders and modern companies, and actively shape the future of work. Your network will also expand and become more international than ever. Additionally, you'll accumulate karma points worldwide and give selected contacts more visibility, for example, by interviewing the company or the person."

Travel with us around the world and explore the future of work!

How do companies work worldwide?
On our Modern Work Tour through 55 countries we asked ourselves exactly this question.
We have talked to 250+ companies on five continents and interviewed inspiring thought leaders.
"From 2018 to 2023, we were on a journey to uncover the most exciting insights into the future of work for you and your team."
Come with us on the adventure of work!
Come on board und get inspired by the inspiring journey into the future of work!

Our why -
Courageously shaping work worldwide  

We want the world of work around the globe to be better, healthier and more humane. That's why we find the most inspiring and cutting-edge insights around the world for you. Why is this exciting for you and your company, wherever you are located?
Because we all need inspiration in order to proactively shape the way we work for the better!
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Review - What has happened so far

a journey into the future of work


The most interesting facts around the Modern Work Tour

Traveled to a total of 34 countries
Collaboration with 130+ companies
More than 49 interviews with inspiring personalities
Hotspots like Singapore, Sydney or Lagos
Undiscovered diamonds of the working world like Mongolia, Uganda or Albania
9 best-of summarized in one book
Mehr im Buch erfahren

Our Sessions:

What we offer on site?

We group all meetings under the term "Sessions". Depending on need and feasibility, we discuss what makes sense. In total we offer:

Training & Workshops
Knowledge Exchange

Discover four of our sessions now and get a sneak peek into the Modern Work Tour.


Inspiration and superpower for leaders

At the Knowledge Exchange in Sydney, Australia, we meet with Steven from No Moss. He has stepped down from his role as CEO and is now CPO - the Chief Purpose Officer. He supports his employees in finding and developing their purpose at work.Have you also developed cool work formats? Feel free to share them with us!



Helpful tools for transformation

At the training in Lagos, Nigeria, the team of the Chamber of Foreign Trade receives modern working methods. Even today, they work with different methods and approach their challenges proactively.
Train your skills too and better position yourselves for the future. We will be happy to bring a booster.


A flight of fancyfor communication?

During a consultation in Shenzhen, China, things got heated at drone manufacturer and global market leader DJI. The marketing management discussed their goal of making communication more transparent.Are you also feeling the pinch in some areas? Then get a customized consultation from us.

5 stars for the Tandem Power Coaching

In Ulan Bator, Mongolia we convinced with our premium coaching. In our tandem power coaching with the general manager of a 5-star hotel, we focused on leadership challenges, dealing with conflicts and her vision for luxury hotel.You could use this too? Get double power for your topics.


Modern Work Tour - Weltkarte

You want more insights?

Take a look at our press subpage and see what the most important media outlets of Germany have to say about the Modern Work Tour.
Visit our press page

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Never miss again an inspiring video on the Modern Work Tour and gain insights from around the world on our #theschnells channel.
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