Leadership Coaching

In coaching, you ignite the turbo for your further development as a leader. So that you can confidently tackle the challenges of everyday work and lead your team with confidence.
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Coaching in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa: We have already coached executives all over the world..
And now it is your turn!

Who comes to us for coaching?

People who want to give meaning to their work and get more involved. People who want to receive practical tips and tricks. People who want to lead their employees better and more successfully
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You are unhappy with the way you lead?
Delegation is difficult for you?
You miss clarity in what you are doing?
You are uncertain, what you need to consider when leading others?
Change all this in your coaching with us!
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In coaching, you develop new strength and get off to a good start with focus.

You have sharpened your attitude as a leader and know what you really stand for.
With your successfully sharpened understanding of leadership, you better define your tasks.
You have concrete ideas on how to develop and accompany your team.
You boldly step forward, take clear responsibility, and make leadership your adventure.

What can you expect in coaching?

In the personal conversation, the full focus is on you and your topics. You get us as professional sparring partners bringing our internationally proven wealth of experience into your coaching. We ask questions, give you new impulses and question thought patterns. In coaching, you deal intensively with yourself and your topics. The well-founded and self-developed methods are always geared towards your further development.

Axel Sonnenstuhl

'In coaching with Nils, we focus on my further development as a leader. I am constantly challenged to reflect on my own ways of thinking in order to understand them even better. In doing so, the focus in my coaching is on becoming more confident in my work and sharpening my role successfully and satisfactorily.'

Nicole Aldorf

'I am currently reaping the rewards of coaching with Anna and am very grateful to have done so with her. Above all, the different models and methods Anna provided have helped me in addressing my understanding of leadership. I am much clearer on my issues, better able to communicate them to my team and to my supervisors, which has made my demeanor more confident.'

Kathrine U. Nielsen

'The Tandem Power Coaching with Anna and Nils was valuable time in which I could get completely new perspectives on my question with two additional perspectives. Through methodological diversity, I was able to get out of my cerebration and start really working on my ideas.'

Berenike S.

'Coaching sessions with Nils always mean self-knowledge for me. He has a talent for asking exactly the questions that get me into self-work. He manages to create a space where I feel understood and empowered.'

Claudia Schaffer

'In coaching with Anna, I learned an incredible amount about myself, but especially about the leadership role in my practice. Above all, Anna supported me in introducing and implementing coherent processes. For example, the feedback culture has changed positively in our company. I appreciate Anna's uncomplicated and empathetic way in coaching and felt very comfortable.'
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All coaching sessions are individually tailored to you.

We agree together whether the coaching takes place remotely, on-site or a mix of both. This gives you the optimal flexibility. You are already convinced or still have questions?

Let yourself be advised
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Double turbo for your further development!

A special premium is our Tandem Power Coaching. With two coaches with world-class know-how, you get twice the focus on your topics, benefiting from Anna's super structured way of thinking and Nils' creative approaches to solving problems. The variety of methods, which are bundled and brought to the point in the TPC, is also doubly good. As a really well-rehearsed tandem, we are your guarantee for intensity and progress to the power of 2!

Get douple power for you!
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Reflect & Act

Our 'Reflect & Act' approach supports you in coaching to reflect on your issues. You develop concrete possibilities for action that you bring into your demanding everyday life. In the end, you know what you want and have guidance on how to successfully implement it.
really, really
Really, really

What is Coaching?

We understand coaching as a goal-oriented, methodical support process that takes place in a dialogue at eye level. Your topics are worked on intensively and reflected upon so that you can develop further in the best possible way.
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What challenges are worked on in coaching?


Dissatisfaction in own leadership behavior


Lack of meaning in one's own work


Internal and organizational blockages


Allow employees sufficient freedom and responsibility


Planless strategies and no time for reflection

What do I get out of coaching?

Find your focus again in coaching and overcome your challenges with new strength. Look more clearly behind your patterns of action and learn to understand yourself better. In this way you will recognize your own thinking errors and learn concrete methods that will enrich you beyond the coaching. Get to know us in a personal conversation and decide if coaching is right for you.
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