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Anna Schnell

Anna is a master in the structured approach and fine-tuning of common working methods. With her background in educational science, she takes a very precise and competent look at your company as a whole. She is your trump card, simply because she can call up countless models off the cuff and make it easier for you to implement them. Localization and analysis are easy for her, so that she persistently and reliably focuses on your further development.
Anna combines her more than 10 years of expertise as a certified business coach, soft skills trainer and facilitator with her diverse, international insights and work experience from 40 countries and over 130 companies. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge. That's why she trains business coaches at the European Distance Learning University Hamburg and New Work experts at the Digethic Business School. Anna is the author of non-fiction and technical books and a sought-after expert on all aspects of the working world of the future and Modern Work. The green fashion enthusiast moves and inspires through her experience, global experiences and sharp mind.
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Nils Schnell

Nils is a Nordic visionary with a cool head and fire in his heart for big ideas and exciting challenges. As a former leadership coach at Jimdo and internal consultant and trainer at Trivago, he gets knowledge networking going and helps break out of the comfort zone. In doing so, he shares his own expert knowledge around modern working, methods and formats. He helps companies to expand their potential, to reinforce continuing education and to network internally. Nils loves to develop new formats, methods and models of modern work himself and thus belongs to a small circle of active designers of the future of our work..
Read more...As an educationalist, Nils learned his subject from scratch and is a certified coach and facilitator. Together with Anna, he has set up a university certificate course on New Work at the European Distance Learning University in Hamburg. Nils skillfully combines his more than 10 years of expertise as a leadership coach, trainer-the-trainer and facilitator with his international insights and work experience from 40 countries and over 130 companies. Nils is the author of non-fiction and trade books and a sought-after expert on all aspects of the working world of the future and Modern Work. The enthusiastic musician, poet and chef makes his counterpart reflect and inspires with creative improvement ideas with impact.
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MOWOMIND stands for Modern-Work-Mind - we think and live modern work. You will recognize this immediately in our joint work!

We make the world's best know-how from the modern world of work accessible to your company, so that you yourself become a pioneer of work. With experience from 50+ countries and over 200 companies, we accompany you professionally and methodically to make your organization fit for the future. Get fresh impulses for more competence as a leader in coaching. Be prepared for professional challenges through effective training.
With MOWOMIND you have experts with exquisite, international experience from the modern working world at your side. Combined with profound basic knowledge of learning, knowledge networking and group dynamics, we face the challenges of the company with managers, teams and the entire organization. 

Our conviction is that we can shape a better working world together if we are courageous and proactive. 

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Leah is a young climate activist from Uganda who we worked with on our Modern Work Tour. With the initiative #treesforafrica, you support Leah and her team in forest reforestation in Africa. For us, it's clear that modern work cannot succeed without sustainability and climate protection. Be part of it and join us!
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