Team Training

Receives in-depth and practical knowledge of modern work worldwide. Train on-site or 100% remotely together in a trusting environment.
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Nils und Anna am arbeiten
Getting stronger together!
Benefit from the fact that we have learned from bright minds in 40 countries on Modern Work Tour. The practical expert knowledge and the international training experiences are tailor-made for you as a team. Through the methodological diversity, we awaken your enthusiasm for successful collaboration.
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A lot of technical expertise in the team, but collaboration still does not succeed?
Meetings are too slow and ineffective?
Briefings are often misunderstood? 
Well-intentioned feedback does not get through?
Put an end to it now!

Masterful collaboration through training!

In the professional trainings you expand your competencies to work successfully and outstandingly with each other. Use your skills profitably and develop an open working culture to work self-determined with each other.

Is there anything better than training?

We don't think so, because working time is living time! What you learn will be successfully transferred into your everyday work, so that you really rock as a team and really make a difference.
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There's more!

What would your company look like if you successfully shared your existing knowledge with each other? Experience exactly that with the TRAINITY model! Find out how internal knowledge formats can be built up with trust. Turn yourselves into team professionals and become internal knowledge ambassadors in your company.
Trainity Model
Trainity Model
The world's best knowledge is of no use...

…if it is not transferred into everyday work. Finally, make this strong potential usable for your team and become a learning organization. All trainings are built on this foundation, so that you can really take away knowledge and implement it precisely.
Mowomind Modernes Arbeiten

Our trainings fit you if you

want an exciting mix of proven practice and solid background knowledge,
want to actively try out and discuss yourself,
are brave enough to leave your comfort zone,
want to benefit from inspiring examples from around the world.

These are the areas you strengthen in training

Effective communication & trusting teamwork
Harmonious feedback culture & careful reflection for proactive implementation
Optimal methods & interpersonal teamwork
Lively development as a team & more creativity


'Our Chamber of Industry and Commerce is undergoing a change process on the way to becoming a new, more efficient organization. In addition to the extremely pleasant collaboration with Anna and Nils, the methodological competence and their ability to deal with particularly critical people in an appreciative manner are particularly noteworthy.'

What you can look forward to

In addition to traditional but established training topics such as communication, we competently and carefully moderate your individual team topics. Read more about 'Status Quo & Go' in the blog - the popular reflection and development format during and after Corona. Or let us advise you directly on our facilitation trainings for really good team meetings.
Find out what makes sense for you
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